Leonia dental implants

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Dental implants in Leonia

When replacing one or more missing teeth, you could get a traditional bridge or dentures, but neither can offer the type of benefits that are possible only with our Leonia dental implants. Designed to mimic the best qualities of your real teeth, they are strong, and they look completely natural. You can chew any food with them and do so with full confidence. And if you take good care of them, they may last you a lifetime. Those are just a few of the reasons that we are proud to offer them here at the dental practice of Alvin Jacobs, DDS.

Dental implants in Leonia

Our Leonia dental implants are made out of two parts, each of which serves a vital role. Just as with bridges or dentures, you have teeth that show above your gums. But the real difference is beneath the gums, where you cannot see it. Every implant has its own root. Your natural teeth do, so shouldn’t replacement teeth have them? This is accomplished by surgically placing a titanium post in your jaw, which extends to the gum line. Over a few months, your bone tissue grows around the post, ultimately fusing with it. In addition to being a strong foundation for your new tooth, it serves to preserve your facial contours and to keep your gum and bone tissue form atrophying. The next phase is to take impressions that will be used at the dental lab for making a tooth-colored crown. When that crown is cemented to the post, you will have a completed implant. In some ways, our Leonia dental implants are better than your real teeth. These won’t decay or need fillings. And there is never a need for root canal on one of them.

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