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Preventive Care in Leonia

Leonia Dentist
Leonia Dentist

Dr. Alvin Jacobs, DDS, is a Leonia dentist that believes all good dental care starts with preventive care. Preventive care is brushing, flossing and having regular cleanings as needed to prevent tooth decay, tooth pain and plaque and tartar buildup. Toothaches are common and happen to people all the time. They can be mild or severe, and cause a variety of problems.

Tooth decay, trauma to the tooth, or inflamed pulp can all signal something is wrong and cause a toothache. There are many reasons but the tooth may possibly need an extraction, fillings and/or a root canal. If a tooth has become infected and the pulp inside has become damaged, the best way to save it is with a root canal procedure. It cause an abscess if not treated in time. Any symptoms like sensitivity to heat or cold, swelling and tenderness can signal the need for a root canal or that the tooth is experiencing some form of decay. The root canal procedure itself is usually not uncomfortable. If the tooth cannot be saved, our Leonia dentist may perform an emergency extraction.

Our office is open a wide range of business hours to cater to all our patients. This allows our Leonia dentist to treat patients on schedules that are convenient for them and so they can come in on their day off to receive proper treatment. If you have a dental emergency, please call us to see if we can fit you in immediately. On our website we have the capability for patients to make appointments and we have patient testimonials on there as well, so that our new patients can read about our excellent customer service. They can also learn more about Dr. Jacobs and his staff, and read about each procedure before they get them done.

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