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Dental cavities in Leonia

No one likes to get cavities, so the more you know about what causes them and how to prevent them, the more likely you are to have that great experience of being told by our Leonia dentist, Alvin Jacobs, DDS when you come in for a six month examination that you have no cavities.

When we talk about cavities, we mean simply holes in your teeth. The cause of those holes is dental decay, in which your precious tooth structure is eroded. It takes strong bacterial acids to make that happen, and those are present in significant quantities in dental plaque. Sticky and invisible, plaque grows on your teeth and is also present at the gum line. It’s important to remove dental plaque on a regular basis and the way to do so is by brushing your teeth and flossing between them. Our Leonia dentist recommends brushing your teeth when you wake up, before you go to bed, and for the best possible results, after meals, as well. Flossing succeeds in dislodging food particles stuck between your teeth, and also in loosening sticky plaque. Another contributing factor to dental decay, and cavities, is the presence of tartar. It’s harder and crustier, but it is the result of dental plaque that is not eliminated during your oral hygiene. Tartar has the same hazardous effects as its filmy cousin, but it cannot be eradicated with a toothbrush and dental floss. It takes a professional dental cleaning. Get one during the course of your two times per year oral examination, which is also when existing cavities are diagnosed and treated with a filling so that they don’t grow larger and more problematic.

Working together with our Leonia dentist, you’ll find that making dental decay less prominent and cavities less frequent is not all that difficult. Call our office to set up an appointment.

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