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Dental plaque in Leonia

A lot is said and written about tooth decay and the cavities it causes. In addition, gum disease is a well covered subject. But the real culprit when it comes to your oral health is dental plaque. At the practice of Alvin Jacobs, DDS, you can depend on attentive care from our Leonia dentist office to help you avoid succumbing to the worst consequences of dental plaque.

You cannot see it and for the most part you cannot feel it, but dental plaque is right there on your teeth and at the gum line. The one time its most noticeable is when you get up from sleep, because it’s as if there is a coating on your teeth. And there is. Dental plaque is also the reason for the less than pleasant morning breath that everyone experiences in the time between getting up and brushing their teeth. You should also brush your teeth at bedtime, and floss at that time, as well. Oral hygiene is based on addressing dental plaque. Any time that 100% of it is not eliminated, there is a chance it will remain long enough to harden and become tartar. This crustier version is more stubborn and can only be efficiently eradicated at our Leonia dentist office with a professional teeth cleaning. That’s one benefit, but the other is equally essential: a cleaning will reverse the effects of early stage gum disease, gingivitis. Your visit will also include the diagnosis and treatment of cavities, if applicable, so that they will not grow larger and put you at increased risk of a toothache, infection, or lost tooth. When you leave, you will have effectively hit the reset button on what dental plaque is responsible for, making it less likely that you will experience future incidents of cavities or gum disease.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of dental plaque. Contact our Leonia dentist office to schedule an appointment for an examination and cleaning.

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